Bengal Classical Music Festival 2016 hits Dhaka today



After four years of massive success and more-than-favourable reactions, Bengal Foundation has brought the musical soiree back in Dhaka army stadium for its fifth occasion. Titled Bengal Classical Music Festival, it is a repeat of last year’s 5-day format and is more in touch with the demands of classical music lovers from the subcontinent.

The event begins today, starting every day from 7PM till 5 in the morning, and is expected to be held till Monday.
More classical music maestros will grace the audience with their presence at this festival. From festival veterans such as Ustad Rashid Khan, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma to new attractions such as Ustad Aashish Khan, son of Ustad Ali Kabar Khan (and grandson of the legendary Sarod maestro Baba Alauddin Khan), there is something in store from classical vocal renditions to the tabla or the flute. The congregation of such globally-renowned classical music legends and music aficionados is unlike any other musical concert in the world.

Eradicating popular belief that only classical music listeners will be filling up the audience seats, the festival has been witness to over thousands of music lovers, who can proudly claim this festival as Dhaka’s must-attend event of the year. It has attained cult status among the public to such an extent that non-resident Bangladeshis readjust their yearly visits just to attend the festival. Another noteworthy feature this year will be the substantial balance between Indian and Bangladeshi artists. Unlike previous years, there will be a significant amount of local artists who will be given the grand platform to prove their mettle. This year, the number of Bangladeshi artists is comparatively more than their Indian counterparts, according to the Director General of Bengal Foundation, Luva Nahid Choudhury.

The amalgamation of people is what construes the backbone of this festival. Everyone from the after-work executive to families with children all come under one shed-less roof to enjoy music and spend some quality with friends. Sadly there will be no registration process in the venue like earlier. Those who registered previously will be the fortunate ones, who will be able to attend the programme. Nevertheless, with coverage from Maasrangaa Television, some solace will be found as respite.

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