Bengal Classical Music Festival 2016

Day 1: Thursday, 24 November 2016:

  • Dance by Sharmila Banerjee and troupe
  • Duet by Pravin Godkhindi (Flute) and Ratish Tagde (Violin)
  • Khayal by V. Girija Devi
  • Sarod by Ust Aashish Khan
  • Jasrangi duet (vocal) by V. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande and Pt Sanjeev Abhyankar
  • Violin by Dr. L Subramaniam

Day 2: Friday, 25 November 2016:

  • Odissi (dance) by V. Madhavi Mudgal and troupe
  • Tabla by students of Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay
  • Khayal by Priyanka Gope
  • Santoor by Rahul Sharma
  • Vocal presentation by Mohammed Shoeb and others
  • Sitar by Purbayan Chatterjee
  • Khayal by Pt Ulhas Kashalkar
  • Duet by Pt Ronu Majumdar (Flute) and U Rajesh (Mandolin)

Day 3: Saturday, 26 November 2016:

  • Sarod by students of Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay
  • Carnatic Flute by Shashank Subramanyam
  • Khayal by Dr. Prabha Atre
  • Tabla by Pt Anindo Chatterjee
  • Dhrupad by Pt Uday Bhawalkar
  • Sitar by Pt Sanjoy Bandopadhyay
  • Khayal by Ust Rashid Khan

Day 4: Sunday, 27 November 2016:

  • Kathak (dance) by Munmun Ahmed and troupe
  • Tabla by Nilesh Ranadive
  • Khayal by Jayateerth Mevundi
  • Duet (Tabla) by Pt Yogesh Samsi and Pt Subhankar Banerjee
  • Duet (Carnatic vocal) by Ranjani & Gayatri
  • Sarod by Pt Tejendra Narayan Majumdar
  • Khayal by Pt Ajoy Chakrabarty

Day 5: Monday, 28 November 2016:

  • Vocal presentation by students of the Music Dept, University of Dhaka
  • Sitar by students of Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay
  • Santoor by Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma
  • Khayal by Kumar Mardur
  • Sitar by Pt Kushal Das
  • Khayal by Arati Ankalikar
  • Flute by Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia

*Programme starts at 7 PM everyday. The schedule is subject to change without prior notice