Celebrating five years of the Bengal Classical Fest

The Bengal Classical Fest witnessed many celebrities’ presence and profound involvement. Here are some of the nation’s finest artists’ insights on the prestigious festival.

thumbnail Syed Abdul Hadi

The Bengal Classical Festival is a wonderful opportunity for our fellow countrymen to know and understand classical music; especially for our young musicians. It will magnify the reverence that we have for classical music because classical music is the heart of music. The crowd itself reflects people’s interest. I hope this arrangement continues. I have attended the show twice but couldn’t this time due to the timing.

thumbnail Ferdausi Rahman

Classical music is the grammar of music which many of us don’t even realise. So if I am asked to comment about the importance of this endeavour then I will say that it is very important. I must say it is a great initiative and that it should go on to enrich our music culture.

thumbnail Sabina Yasmin

I really appreciate the Classical Music Fest. The best part is being able to listen to such learned maestros who have so much to give. At the same time we get to meet so many talented people who we didn’t even know existed. It’s a great opportunity for our young generation to learn more about music. A good ear for music is also quite lacking here, I must add.

thumbnail Bappa MaZumder

I would like to start by thanking all concerned for this beautiful arrangement and it makes me feel hopeful about music in our country. My father, Ustad Barin Mazumder, had previously organized a classical music festival similar to this one. I would like to add on a positive note that there are a lot of talented people in our country too who should be included. Of course those that are being invited are definitely learned but we should not forget the reason behind these shows; to enhance our music industry.

thumbnail Rafiqul Alam

Classical Music has a magical aura which is very difficult to explain. It is something to be felt, not just heard. It is the only way for any musician to purify or cleanse oneself in order to reach the core of music. I think it is the best way to take our music industry forward. It gives me hope at a time when we have moved so away from classical which is actually the very basic of any musician. I hope this festival continues for as long as possible.

thumbnail Konal

I have always had a longing for classical music since I was young and going to the show every year is a must for me only for the sake of knowing what true music really is. I see a lot of audience here busy taking selfies, sipping tea or even chatting, but who knows, maybe they too are absorbing the music unconsciously.

thumbnail Abida Sultana

The Bengal Classical Festival has been widely praised all over the country. I feel this sort of a programme should have been initiated long before. Such celebration of classical festival is a must for the music learners who are our tomorrow. It is through classical music only that the deepest cores of music can be understood. But I would like to hear musicians from other parts of the world too.


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