Going to BCMF ’17?


The 6th edition of the Bengal Classical Music Festival begins today, to stir up the hearts of classical music lovers of the country once more. Held at the Abahani grounds for the first time, the five-night festival is sure to draw attendees in tens of thousands. To ensure smooth management and a safe, pleasant experience for festival-goers, Bengal Foundation has set guidelines for the audience to follow. If you are going to the festival, here are some things to note:

The festival will begin every day at 7pm and continue till 5am. Entry to the festival is free of cost but not possible without registration. Online registration and on-site registration at select Bengal Foundation points have already been closed. There will be no registration facilities at the venue. This year, the organisers have also not arranged for buses to drop off festival-goers every dawn.

Due to strict security requirements, entrance to the festival venue might take a little long. Attendees are requested to arrive at the grounds with time in hand. No bags will be allowed inside the venue, nor will be any facility to keep bags. Attendees will also be required to keep an identity document with them. No cameras (except for accredited journalists), food, drinks and smoking paraphernalia will be allowed at the venue. Attendees are requested to not bring children below the age of 12 to the festival.

Multiple entries at the grounds will not be possible, and gates will close at midnight. However, organisers may close the gate earlier if they see fit. There is no car parking facilities at the Abahani ground.


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