Sharmila Banerjee


Sharmila Banerjee is a renowned dancer and choreographer from Bangladesh. She earned her Bachelor of Music in Dance from Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, and completed her Post-Graduate degree in Manipuri Dance at the Manipuri Nartanalaya, Kolkata, under the guidance of Bipin Singh and Kalavati Devi. Banerjee is a recipient of Visva Yuva Barsha Padak, the title of ‘Nartan Visharad’ from Manipuri Nartanalaya, the Gauhar Jamil Shammanana Padak from the Bangladesh Dancer’s Association and is also recognised as the ‘World Master of Bangladesh’ by World Master’s Association in Korea, amongst others. She is currently the head of department of Dance at Chhayanaut and runs her private school, Nritya Nandan.